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02 February 2013 @ 12:24 am
Facts about Military Challenge Coins  
military coinsMilitary challenge coins are identified as military coins, unit coins, memorial, and unit challenge coins. Challenge coins signify brotherhood. The custom military coins are carried by all members of the military - no matter the branch. Those coins are used on the collars of the uniform. They stand as proof of membership, support and patronage of the bearer.

Challenge coins are often given to signify that people are part of a strong, closely tied community of people or that a group of people have went through something pretty major together. Specially minted military challenge coins were expected to raises self-respect and endorse unit sprit. They are used to show respect and to honor service members for their hard work. Bearing a military coin is considered as a pride. The military challenge coin is a prized and esteemed symbol of the establishment.

Military challenge coins are the most popular challenge coins amongst people. Some people like to collect them as a hobby and some as a fashion. You will also find that coin collectors will also collect these challenge coins due to their value. Since the military tradition has carried over into civilian life, they are given by many categories of people and organizations. From churches, to businesses, to social groups, and even friends, these types of coins are a great way of bonding and boosting morale. It has been seen that there are several types of military challenge coins available which are used by the different rank holders in the military.
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